For The Koala's <3

For The Koala's <3


Koala's population has dropped immensly over the years, from the bushfires in 2020 as well as manmade issues such as loss of habitat. This piece is special as it is dedicated to helping the koalas.

50% of profits from this hand watercoloured eucalyptus piece will be donated to the WWF Koala foundation to help the Koalas bit by bit.


For The Koalas is a watercolour piece on thick, high quality paper. You can buy this beautiful art decor from $8. As well as the artwork, you also will receive a handwritten thank you note for buying my product and 25% off your next purchase!

Frame Colour
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    Small: 10x15cm (4x6") $6.00
    Medium: 15x20cm (6x8") $8.00
    Large: 21x30cm (8.25x11.25") 9.00